Sound of Evil (2019)

Sound of Evil (2019)

This terrific epic movie centers on Amalinda kingdom.  A kingdom that is under the control of Okike. There was a conspiracy and battle for supremacy amongst the witches that controls the kingdom. Karishika(Destiny Etiko) the daughter Arichinda claims to be the most fairest of the maidens but unknown to her, in the far forest, there exists Cushi(Orji Ann Ogewhite) the most powerful witch with the powers of ten witches of Amalinda kingdom chosen by the gods to rule over the kingdom. Even in the kingdom of witches, jealousy exists. Watch as the movie unfolds.

STARRING: Destiny Etiko, Eve Essien, Egwuonwu Zainab, Orji Ann Ogewhite, Sorich Simon.

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DIRECTOR: Ezeugo U. Ezeugo, Prince Frank Arinze.

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COMPANY: Ultimate Movie Production.

YEAR: 2019

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