Zubby's Cult (2021) Part 7

Zubby's Cult (2021) Part 7

Osisi Ka Nkwu(Zubby Michael) is a renowned And hardened criminal who runs the affairs of their community the way he wants without how others will feel about it.  He's a strong man who gets what he wants when he wants it and believes the pressure is high and as such no one stands the chance of competing with him.  He sees any gallant young man and immediately blends him in his cult.  He seeks no man's consent before he act. The whole village lived in dear until he's kind emanated from nowhere and became almost a thorn in his flesh, challenged him and make sure he gets back to back to Zubby's weak point. Who will win this battle?

Starring: Zubby Michael, Columbus Iresanga, Magnet Ngerem, Samuel Jemitalo, Prince Oracle

Zabira Trade Online

Executive Producer: Emeka Ferdinard Anene

Director: Magnet

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