Blood Betrayal (2021)

Blood Betrayal (2021)

The brotherly event went sore. Brotherly and bloodline broad daylight robbery and theft..... Chibuzor(Zubby Michael) the last Chid of Ochie Gbom (Don Brymo) believes in the street and what the street can offer him while his elder brother Omambala () chose to go the part his father has been pleading for both of them to choose..... Chief (Young Mula) a young rich Politician with the federal government offer blessed Ochie gbom's family which resurrected the family crisis..... The movie is indeed a bloodline drama.....

STARRING: Zubby Michael, Don Brymo, Young Mula, Akachi Max, Dozie Desmond Chinedu, Nwaka Ezebuka Victor

Zabira Trade Online

PRODUCED BY: Alex Ogbodo

DIRECTED BY: Ebuka Onuma (dgn)

COMPANY: Holycup Production Ltd.

YEAR: 2021.


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