Soul on Fire (2021)

Soul on Fire (2021)

Life is an unanswered question, a suspended chord; to be lived, not solved; experienced, not mastered. And in this living perhaps, we find our own meaning, nestled at the heart of the mystery. And no matter how hidden a secret is, one day it must surely come to light either to make us or mare us. Watch Onny Micheal and Luchy Donalds in this exceptional and educative movie.

STARRING: Onny Michael, Luchy Donalds, Frank Tana, Queen Okam, Ngozi Ezeonu, Norbert Waski, Amanda Neo, Shire Nwachukwu, Oluchi Julius.

Zabira Trade Online

PRODUCED BY: Chibueze Ucheama

DIRECTED BY: Sunny Vincent.

1x Article

COMPANY: Chez International Ltd.

YEAR: 2021


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