Royal Desire (2021)

Royal Desire (2021)

Lust is a poison as well as a tool, while desire is a trap. When you wield the first, it can take someone's soul and when you fall into the second, it can take yours. Richard (Mike Godson) is an intelligent royal chef endowed with good looks, a good heart as well as a great body. Now all the women in the royal house are lusting after him. Watch as events unfold.

STARRING: Mike Godson, Destiny Etiko, Shaggy Bees, Nazo Ekezie, Augustine Iloh, Kyrie Ekwenze, Remy Ohajianya, Irene Ibekwe, Adim Williams.

Zabira Trade Online

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Chukwuemeka Chiemerie.

PRODUCED BY: Augustine Iloh.

1x Article

COMPANY: Demek Production Ltd.

YEAR: 2021

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