Royal Siblings (2021)

Royal Siblings (2021)

What we do and control will determine what our future will be like. And the greatest shackles we bear in this life are those forged by our own hand. Prince Brian (Stephen Odimgbe) and princess Briana (Luchy Donalds) are two siblings who love and care for each other as a brother and sister should until a decision from the king, their father turns the whole palace into a war zone. Watch as events unfold.

STARRING: Stephen Odimgbe, Luchy Donalds, Maleek Miltons, Precious Chukwueke, Ngozi Eze Evuka, Joyce Kalu, Joseph Daniels.

Zabira Trade Online

PRODUCED BY: Sunday Uzondu

DIRECTED BY: Gf Emeka Nwakihe

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COMPANY: Sunec Movies Ind. Ltd.

YEAR: 2020.

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