Where Is TSTV?!

The hype that greeted the newly launched satellite Television, TSTV seem to have died down as my Nigerian still remain in oblivion as to the status or fate of the provider.

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TSTV which announced its services in September and had its official launch on October 1, was well received by many Nigerians who saw them as the messiah that would break the monopoly of satellite TV in Nigeria.

It launch on Oct. 1, with a promise to offer pay as you go services and lower rates for its programmes including the highly favoured football channels that air European League matches, got a large number of Nigerians interested.

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In their joy, many went on to mock other existing providers, taunting them that their "reign of exploitation" was over.

However, the first disappointment came when TSTV extended sales of its decoder to Nov. 1, an action which didn't seem to debase their fans who went about on social media and other platforms reaffirming their support for the new provider.

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Even an allegation of attempting to illegally air sports channels from bEIN did not seem to shake the Nigerian supporters.

Two months after its official launch and one month after its commencement of sales, many Nigerians are still asking: "Where is TSTV"?

Some of the Nigerian who reacted on social media (twitter) also sought to know if the provider had kept to its promise to deliver certain choice services.

Read below some of the comments on Twitter:

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