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For those who do not know already, there a few unencrypted channels on Eutelsat W4 and Eutelsat W7, both located at 36? East. DStv was formerly on W4 but is now beaming its signals from W7. The information I am sharing relates to how to view the unencrypted channels that share the same satellite as Multichoice?s DStv, and not how to illegally hack into DStv?s encrypted channels.

DStv decoders are designed, manufactured and sold to receive Multichoice services only. Therefore, I offer no guarantee that all the channels I am sharing would necessarily work on your DStv decoder. The DStv HD decoder for example, does not offer a ?Public bouquet? and even for the single view decoders that do, one might be unable to watch the unencrypted channels once subscription is overdue. It would thus make the most sense to simply buy a good MPEG4-compatible digital satellite receiver and connect same to your satellite dish. There would be more on that later.

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The free channels from China

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The easiest unencrypted channels to watch are the following 3 TV channels from China Central Television (CCTV), the major state television broadcaster in mainland China:

* CCTV News (formerly CCTV 9): this channel is targetted at an English-speaking international audience and mainly broadcasts news and current affairs programmes
* CCTV-F: programming targetted at a French-speaking international audience
* CCTV-4: an international channel broadcast in Chinese language

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Any DStv decoders can view the CCTV channels whether your subscription is expired or not. So long your satellite is pointed towards 36? East.

If you are using a good Free-To-Air (FTA) digital satellite receiver, a blind scan should reveal the CCTV channels. Else, enter the following parameters to your receiver:

* In South Africa ? Frequency: 11637 Symbol rate: 22000 Polarization: Vertical FEC: 3/4
* Rest of Africa ? Frequency: 11940 Symbol rate: 27500 Polarization: Horizontal FEC: 3/4 and Frequency: 11862 Symbol rate: 27500 Polarization: Horizontal FEC: 3/4

The free channels from East Africa

In recent times, a few channels have emerged on Eutelsat W7 from Kenya, and beamed at the African continent:

* NTV Kenya: a leading TV channel in Kenya offering news and general entertainment
* KBC Channel 1: a TV service from the wholly-state owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
* K24: a news and current affairs channel from Kenya
* KTN Kenya: an all-round channel in Kenya. Arguably the leading TV station
* NTV Uganda: a general entertainment channel targetted at Uganda


* Frequency: 11731 Symbol rate: 8751 Polarization: Vertical FEC: 3/5
* Frequency: 11716 Symbol rate: 3141 Polarization: Vertical FEC: 3/4

The free channels from Francophone West Africa

A bouquet of mostly French-speaking African channels exist on Eutelsat W4.

* La Cha?ne de Futur (LCF): a tv channel from Togo
* Mboa TV: an entertainment TV channel based in France and exclusively dedicated to black-afro artists
* RTS 1 (Senegal): Radiodiffusion T?l?vision S?n?galaise (RTS) is the Senegalese public broadcasting company
* 2STV: a TV channel in Senegal broadcasting mainly cultural programmes, interviews with local music and other artistic stars, and talkshows
* Touba TV: a privately-owned TV channel in Senegal
* ORTB TV: Office de Radiodiffusion et T?l?vision du B?nin (ORTB) is a the mainstream terrestrial television channel and radio operator in Benin
* LoveWorld Plus: Christian-themed programming in English language from Nigeria


* Frequency: 12437 Symbol rate: 23437 Polarization: Horizontal FEC: 3/4

Kindly note that the channels are subject to change without notice. Thus, re-scanning your receiver regularly ensures that you are constantly in the loop as to the current channels.


Lets start with list of satellites we can receive here in Naija with the FREE TO AIR Scope.

Eutelsat W3A, 7 deg East: tps: 11192(V)3210, 10976(V) 3333, 12728(V)30000.

Astra 2b, 28.2 deg East T.p:12599(V) 3250, 12572(V)2854, 12617(V)9999 NSS7, 22 deg W tps: 10986(V)30000

Eutelsat 4/7, 36 deg East: tps: 12437(H)23437 Intelsat 7/10 68.5 deg East: tps:
12722(H)26657, 12722(V) 26657, 12682(H)26657.

Sirius 4, 4.8 deg East: T.P: 12605(V) 29950 .

If u want to watch FA cup you need to track eutelsat w3, for
premiership u need RDV(@ dstv position),MBC, RTS, etc. For champions league track sirius4 and w3. lets start with encrypted(paytv) channels.

1. You MUST have 90cm or 1m dish and one other dish at any size

2. Strong Decoder (Original 4663 or 4669 3. ****le Installation

Steps to Follow
Use 90cm to track eutelsat w3
not below 70% signal quality.

2. Track eutelsat w4, mytv or Nss7
with another dish.

3. Connect a cable directly from the w3
lnb to the ****le (you'll see where to connect to it via F- connector).

4. Remove the cable (2rsr) provided and
connect it to ****le and also connect the other end to the back of
the decoder. Make sure you tight it after fixing the cable.

5. Now connect your w4 cable directly from the lnb to the strong decoder (normal connection). Now plug the adaptor to your socket and connect to ****le.


You can enjoy over 90 sport and movie channels with ur 90cm dish
position at Nss7 position with this
frequency. 10986/v/30000 22deg W just behind dstv position. Its not too difficult 2 track d bird.

N/B: They are encrypted channels
but thanks to dreambox and ****le. To track nilesat , just turn ur dish to 50 degree west to track lc2 which is also nss7ku
( this tutorial is meant for beginners ).
symbol rate: 30000 vertical, then move ur dish to ur left in within 10m, now move ur
dish a bit to abt 60 degree { pls
be very patient o.k }, using this
quick frequency: 12207, 12130 or 12284
symbol rate:27500.
with this one should be able to get nilesat to watch most free
films & free news tnx.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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