EPL: He only thinks about goals - Blind blasts Cristiano Ronaldo


Former Netherlands coach, Danny Blind, has slammed Manchester United forward, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Blind said Ronaldo only thinks about goals and hopes his Man United teammates will conquer the ball during a match.

He said this while launching a scathing assessment of Ronaldo's impact on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side.

Blind believes Man United are not playing in their familiar pattern so far this season because of Ronaldo despite his goals for the Red Devils.

Ronaldo, 36, returned to Old Trafford on transfer deadline day in the summer window in a £13million move from Juventus.

"Ronaldo doesn't really need to play an active role," Blind told Sportnieuws.

"Like: 'take your time'. You also see the other players looking at you like, 'how are we going to solve it then?'

"Normally, the striker runs from one central defender to the other. This caused a lot of miscommunication.

"Now, they are not playing in their familiar pattern. When the ball was deflected, you saw Paul Pogba coaching that they had to put all the pressure on.

"Ronaldo did not do that; he is not like that. He only thinks about goals and hopes others will conquer the ball."


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