Real Madrid president, Perez blames one English club for collapse of Super League


Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, has pointed fingers at an unnamed Premier League club, for the collapse of the European Super League idea.

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As at Wednesday, eight of the 12 clubs that signed up for the breakaway competition, announced they were pulling out.

The Premier League's Big Six - Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Chelsea - were all involved.

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And Perez has said one of them initiated the pull out.

"Someone in the English group didn't have a lot of interest, and that became contagious.

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"One of them was never convinced... [The English clubs] left because of the atmosphere. UEFA put on a show. It was like we let off an atomic bomb.

"Perhaps we haven't presented and explained it well, but they haven't given us the opportunity either," Perez told Spanish radio show El Larguero.


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