Soldier, who men tell she's too pretty for the work she does, speaks out (video)

Soldier, who men tell she

A woman who says men tell her she's too pretty to work as a soldier has responded to the comments she gets from men.

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In a video shared online, the soldier is seen wearing her uniform while addressing the issue.

She began: "Some guys tell me I'm too pretty for the work I do."

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She explained that what she's too pretty for is to beg men for "urgent 2k" or to be disrespected by them.

"If there's anything to be pretty about, it's to make you believe without you I'm nothing, it's to be used and dumped by you," she said.

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"You see, your insult, your disappointment, your disrespect is what I'm too pretty for.

"Men, I too fine for rubbish. I am too pretty for rubbish."

Watch her speak in the video below.


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