It is wrong to send 'I'll like to know you better' to male CEOs - HR manager warns ladies


HR specialist, Ivie Ibitoye, sounds a note of warning to female job seekers on the type of language to avoid during and after a job interview with male CEOs.

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According to Ivie in an Instagram post, sending suggestive words to a male CEO can put the female applicant in a vulnerable position.

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The HR specifically pointed out the phrase "I'll like to know you better" as a context that can be misunderstood even when it means otherwise.

"Dear Female Candidates,

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It is WRONG to attend a job interview and then send the MALE CEO an email telling him that you would like to " know him better" whether or not you get the job.

Your intentions may be noble but it can be misunderstood .

This "Shoot your shot" is getting out of hand," she wrote.



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