Nigerian Lady calls out cyberbully, offers N300,000 to anyone who knows him


A Nigerian lady has shared how a guy has allegedly been bullying her on social media and to curb his mischievous acts, she's taken to Facebook to ask for his location and she promises to gift anyone with N300k if they can provide his whereabouts.


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According to Sandra Iheuwa on Facebook, the guy in the photos, presumably living in Abuja has been stalking her and "telling lies" about her since last year and she plans to put him in jail over this... all she needs is his location.

She promises anyone who can give his location, a whopping three hundred thousand naira. She wrote on her page with her geolocation, the U.S.

If anyone knows where this nitwit lives in Abuja please DM me I will reward the person N300k this guy has been cyberbullying me since last year and writing lies about me especially for someone that I have never met a day in my life and this has to stop right now. I want to take action and use him as a scapegoat you can't come online and discredit my character I will NOT take it from this stalker. If you all know this guy or know where be stays DM me with correct information and 300k reward will be given to you. Please share this post until this nitwit is found this guy needs to spend quality time in jail

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Photos of the alleged cyberbully below:

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Sandra Iheuwa2?resize=640%2C640

Sandra Iheuwa3?resize=640%2C640

Sandra Iheuwa4?resize=640%2C640

Sandra Iheuwa5?resize=640%2C640

Sandra Iheuwa?resize=493%2C570


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