Nigerian Lady Sends Shout Out To All Her Boyfriend's Sidechics

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A Nigerian Lady, Tiwa Tope has sent a shout out to all of her Boyfriend's sidechics, including those who goes around sleeping with her boyfriend..

Zabira Trade Online

She says they're all legends, and she's shouting out to all of them.. She also thanks them for patronizing his "d**k".

Tiwa Tope and Her Boyfriend.
Inset: Tiwa Tope and Her Boyfriend.

She wrote on Facebook: "Shoutout to all my husband customers [D**k emojis]. I see you all. You all are our P**sy. Thunder fall on you all"

Tiwa Tope 0?resize=506%2C187

We see the sarcasm there.. We sure saw it!

Tiwa Tope 01?resize=960%2C960

Tiwa Tope 02?resize=640%2C853


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