Latest Etisalat free browsing cheat tweak using JWP

This is the Latest Free Browsing Cheat Code Tweak using JWP on the Etisalat network. Use this to browse for free on your Etisalat Sim card. It rocks like mad.

How to set your JWP Create New Access point like this or use the Existing one on your phone
Connection name: JWP or any name you like
Data Bearer: packet data
APN:etisalat Username&Password empty
Authentication: Normal
Homepage: .ng

Zabira Trade Online

Save & Goto ur JWP
Protocol: HTTP
HTTP Port:8080
ISP Proxy:Blank i.e Clear the ISP
JWP Server
Username:Your JWP username
Password:Your JWP password
Append String: Blank

ChooseTweak: EtisaLat NG
Filter Proxy>>: i.e. a single colon

Save your settings&Enjoy with Opera, UCbrowser or any Sis Application.

NOTE: Uninstall any previous Version on your phone, Goto your E:/System/App&Delete or Remove JWPmobile before you Install the New one.

Enjoy this latest JWP Etisalat free browsing trick code.

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