"Going bald was a scary and bold move for me" - DJ Cuppy says


Florence Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy, a popular disc jockey, has said that becoming bald was a bold and scary decision for her.

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Dj cuppy revealed this to netizens on her Instagram story, wherein she shared screenshots of fans from Twitter who gushed over her new hairstyle, as she affectionately called them 'Cupcakes'.

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In a post to her Instagram followers, she thanked them for their kind words and comments on her short hair.


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Dj Cuppy went on to say that trimming her hair was a scary decision for her, but that she was grateful for her followers' love and support.

Cuppy wrote;

"My IG Cupcakes! I honestly love the fact that you like my new hair, I see your comments and DMs.

"Going bald was a scary and bold move for me so I appreciate every single one of you supporting me and welcoming this new Cuppy."



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