"All I am seeing online are geriatrics" - Dj Big N carpets old men contesting for presidency

Popular disc jockey, DJ Big N of Mavin Records has advised young Nigerians to vote in the 2023 elections.


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The skilled disc jockey stated that the country requires more new youth representation, as well as the necessity for young people to reclaim the country.

Taking to his Instagram page, the poplar Dj shared his thoughts;

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"All I am seeing online are geriatrics posing as presidential candidates. We need the youth presence now, its gone past an intention. Every day as we laugh as skits and comic materials , there should be a constant flash of how the youths need to take back this country .I want to see faces of youth aspirants in all political offices available from WARD UP. .Are you okay with another 8 years like this"?


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