"Please shift, let me see road" - Angel Smith lashes out at those policing her life


Popular reality star, Angel Smith calls for a breathing spacing from those policing her life all in the name of caring for her.

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The 21-year-old writer who is currently in Dubai took to her Snapchat page to rant about how differently she would live her life contrary to how it is expected.

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Angel, however, did not categorically state who or the group she was referring to in her rant other than requesting to have a breathing space to be herself.


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"People thinking they can police me just because they like me is so funny. Please shift, let me see road. It's literally fcck all of you Lmfaooo. Aint nobody give af bout your thoughts. Just have to laugh because Lmfaooo. Telling me what to wear, who to talk to, how to eat, how to post, when to post but I shouldn't be angry or exhausted. No break o. Let everyone be okay. I'm good," she wrote.




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