"You're killing your brand, it's not about fan's love and movie career only" - Fan advices Pere to get signed by brands

Popular reality star, Pere Egbi receives advice from a fan who is bothered about his focus on his movie career while relegating brand endorsements.


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In an exchange on Instagram, a concerned fan called the attention of the reality star to his disinterest in attending organizers' parties, losing focus, and paying attention to being an actor only.

"@pereegbiofficial appreciate you fans but dude you need brands to sign you. You need to get a competent management team. You need to project yourself. Its not about fan love alone. You are gradually relegating yourself to the background. You dont attend organisers parties, you dont go for visits, you just act as if those things are not relevant. You are killing your brand all by yourself.

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You are projecting your movie career but also use the opportunity to project yourself to brands too. You were voted Top 3 for a reason an you must get a team to connect yoi to good brands. See cross everywhere making moves. Fans are not the ones that will give you brand endorsements. First thing first. Dont get carried away by fans hype an loss the main reason you needed the platform," the fan wrote.

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In reaction, Pere corrected the assumption of not getting signed by brands as he emphasizes living his life on a low.



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