Jnr Pope tackles co-actor, Onyii Alex over claims of avoiding relationship with broke men

Actor Jnr Pope has chided his colleague Onyii Alex for saying that it's a sin for a broke man to fall in love with her.


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Onyii Alex took to her Instagram to opine that as a hustler that it is a sin for a broke man to fall in love with her because she's a hustler and doesn't want to go broke.

Reacting to this, Jnr Pope who responded to her controversial statement has opined that rich men help 95% of broke women. He further questions why the female gender cannot repay the favor.

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He wrote;

"But Na Rich Men Help 95 percent of All The Broke Women Before And Set Them Up Why Can't It Happen The Other Way Round (just asking for a friend) My Dear Sisters don't be deceived Social media will fuck your psych up.... With a broke guy or girl with e prospects, you can build an empire... It's a process. Make them no use pressure kill una. In your little way, you are all trying."

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