Behold 7 sexy divas creating stimulating content on Instagram (Photos)


Content is king, so the saying goes but these are queens who not only understand the logic but are also making a good living out of it.

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From purely nothing these young women have taken their lives by the scruff of the neck and dragged it to the front row. When the saturated movie and music space proved too hard for them to hang their hats, they found a space in the dessert of Instagram and created their own oases.

With Instagram as a tool in their hands, they needed no producer or director to decide their fates. All they needed was guts, their wits and a smiling face of destiny and the limelight soon illuminates their hustles. And they all have something in common - beauty, attitude and a bit of outpouring sexuality.

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Whykayy: Her real name is Adeyinka Ogunjimi but simply known as Whykayy or Miss versatile because she can do pretty much anything as far as entertainment goes. She's a rapper, singer, music producer, actor, YouTuber and more. She creates amazing content to entertain her followers.


Ada La Pinky: Ada Ebere has made a name for herself as an actress, content creator and social media influencer but she got on the entertainment train as a video vixen. Ada doesn't spare her followers with those humongous twin towers of hers.


Nons Miraj: Her real name is Chinonso Ukah and also known as Ada Jesus. She once confessed she made her first million on Instagram. She loves to take on the character of an overbearing mother in most of her skits or content.


Ashmusy: Amarachi Amusi known as Ashmusy found fame via Instagram as an actress, model, brand influencer and a content creator of note.


ShirleyCurvy: Shirley uses her dose of sexuality to arrest her teeming followers. She's the total package; an actress, brand influencer, dancer, professional masseuse and an aviator.


Kofankii: Kofanki Efunke is just coming into her element as a content creator of note. Most of her content is centred around the ripple effects her erupting towers leave in their wake. She's beautiful, sexy and she knows it.


Geeftooo: Abena Gift Omotayo also known as Geeftooo is a curvaceous beauty who uses her sex appeals to win souls. She grew into her own element under the wings of another content creator and comedian, Sir Balo.



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