Music: Meek Mill - Oodles O' Noodles Babies

Meek Mill - Oodles O' Noodles Babies
Oodles O' Noodles Babies

Meek Mill will be releasing his highly anticipated album CHAMPIONSHIPS next week, but he's pulled up with two single to tease his fans. The first of the two tracks is called "Oodles O' Noodles Babies." As the title suggests, Meek paints a nostalgic story about his younger years. The Philly rapper goes in over an old-school sample that sounds like a Sunday morning feels.

Meek begins with some harsh truth. He speaks about a man in his hood that was born a crack baby, and has a bleak path ahead of him. Then, Meek paints a vivid picture of struggle and references the infamous judge that made his legal process a pain in the ass.

Listen below.


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